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Yanli Qu

Executive Director

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Jin Chong

Associate Director

Before joining WCCA as Lead Teacher, Jin Chong worked as Head Teacher in a Christian preschool in Bothell, WA. During this period, she was in charge of designing the layout of classroom, developing curriculum, coaching assistant teachers, and organizing school activities for students and parents. Prior to that, she worked as an assistant teacher and intern in a Montessori school for three years, as a Sunday school teacher for six years and as an elementary school teacher in Korea for three years. Jin Chong graduated from Montessori Teacher Preparation Program of Washington and National University of Education in South Korea. She holds director certification and Montessori lead teacher certificate for preschool. The experience and passion to help children achieve their fullest development has armed Jin with an understanding and respect of the needs of children and their families that contribute to the successful teacher she is today.